A photograph of a mountain peak delicately wrapped in mist.

About Mountain Water Press

We are a small, interdependent press publishing works of fine writing & fine art that celebrate the enspirited land — in books and magazines. Mountain Water Press is the imprint of Mountain Water Ranch, an across-discipline artists' residency studio and land restoration laboratory in the central mountain west, USA.

We call it an interdependent press because we are fashioning a new collaborative model of publishing with artists, authors, and printers and exploring what that means. We see the press as an extension of the pedagogical influence of Mountain Water—its development as the union of art, meditation, and place. We expect a written and visual bounty to develop from those who find creative refuge here. 

To magnify the outward influence of the press we are gathering a congress of like-minded makers across disciplines, a Consilience, that shares our enthusiasm for propagating, through writing, typography, and visuals, ART as radical kindness, BEAUTY as whatever expresses its essential nature, HUMOR as the aerial view, and the restoration of CHAOS to its original meaning of primordial gap, vanguard of wonder.

The Consilience