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Books from Mountain Water Press

Mountain Water Press produces books and magazines on a capricious schedule. Some of the work is literary, some is visual, some comes from the experience of many years of teaching and studio work. As we say elsewhere on this site, anything that “...shares our enthusiasm for propagating, through written, typographical, and visual language, ART as radical kindness, BEAUTY as whatever expresses its essential nature, HUMOR as the aerial view, and the restoration of CHAOS to its original meaning of primordial gap, vanguard of wonder.”

Quarry by Meredith Ann Fuller

Book cover image of Quarry, a novel by Meredith Ann Fuller. “Old mystery, old magic. Perhaps the oldest spell of all: to dress in the raiment of another—animal, woman, spirit.”

In Quincy, Massachusetts, a girl of Finnish and Irish descent loses her father under traumatic circumstances and sets out to discover what happened to him. Naïve, intuitive, implacable, Rose learns to read landscapes of the natural world and the human heart. She confronts history and its suppression. But it takes risk and imagination to understand that she is part of a larger story of immigrants to America. With edgy ordinariness,Meredith Ann Fuller’s narrative gift describes secrets and tragedies, slowly revealing the mythic underbelly of every good story. Resurrecting a lost 19th century tradition, artistJoan Andersonhas designed a stunningly illustrated novel for adult readers of our time.

Kirkus Review LogoKirkus Reviews named Quarry one of the Best Indie Books of 2017. “Fuller writes lyrically about a seemingly ghost-haunted world...effectively revealed bit by bit as part of a mystery that readers investigate alongside Rose...A rich, multilayered, and slowly unfolding literary work." ~ Kirkus Reviews

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This Very Moment by Barbara Dilley

Book cover image from This Very Moment, a memoir by Barbara Dilley.This Very Moment: Teaching, Thinking, and Dancing is a new book by Barbara Dilley. It’s a hybrid text whose through-line is a memoir of her extraordinary career from the cutting edge of dance in America in the 1960s to her four decades of teaching dance as a contemplative practice; it’s part aesthetic meditation, part historical reflection, part manual for dance as mindfulness practice.

“The layout is large-format with lots of photographs and it’s bound so as to lie flat on the studio floor, so you can refer to it while doing the exercises and executing the scores in the five ‘Practices’ sections.

This Very Moment: Teaching, Thinking, and Dancing is an intimate, first-person account of the influence of Buddhism on art in America authored by a unique artist-practitioner who received direct transmission from the major mover of modern dance in the late twentieth century and from a living embodiment of the dharma, and it is a manual for dance as meditation practice. It should be of interest to all artists interested in transformational awareness and to historians of the avant garde in America. For dancers, it’s a movers’ manual for a lifetime.” ~ Steven Taylor

This Very Moment is published in association with Naropa University Press.

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Vector: Spirit Inventions by Joan Anderson & Collaborators

Book cover image of book: Adrastea, an artistic collaboration between Joan Anderson and Jenni Lord. “The pieces in this show are the result of a six-month collaboration between Joan Anderson and the five students from her September 2010 class Calligraphy for Painters. One of the foundational exercises in the class was making free-form marks using found objects. Inspired by similar exercises of Martin Andersch*, Joan calls this exercise VECTOR meaning a pathway or a line of force. The intention of vector practice is to be able to experience and recognize a natural, unencumbered vitality in the hand-made mark and to be able to transmit that living quality to formal italic writing when using a traditional broad-edged pen.”

Getting to the essence of this vitality proved to be completely engaging in its own right and vector practice became the seed for this show. Our constraint was the simple palette of black, white, and tea. We primarily worked on paper and silk. Cedar shelves in the exhibit show some of our found tools. The book features work from Joan Anderson, Diane Stum Fekete, Cathy Zimmerman, Jen Miller, Beth Sautins, and Emily Utz.

*see his book Symbols Signs Letters.

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Index Card Paintings: Mountains and Rivers by Joan Anderson

Book cover image from Index Card Paintings, a collection of landscape paintings by Joan Anderson.Index Card Paintings began with a class painting demonstration on an 8 x 5 inch index card. The instructions were to choose two colors from small magazine swatches, mix paint to match each color, and use these two colors to invent a landscape – the simplest composition that requires only the impression of a horizon line where the two colors meet.”

This volume is a selection of paintings from Joan Anderson’s Index Card Paintings, a proliferation of lush, painterly, and surprisingly vivid landscapes. Even though shown in their modest actual size, the book format introduces an ambiguity of size inviting the viewer to imagine the work on a grand scale. Apart from their dexterity, these paintings give an intimate look into the deceptively simple pedagogical brilliance of the author's approach to teaching.

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Ode to Adrastea by Jenni Lord and Joan Anderson

Book cover image of book: Adrastea, an artistic collaboration between Joan Anderson and Jenni Lord. Ode to Adrastea: She Whom None Can Escape ~ Jenni Lord and Joan Anderson

“Adrastea, goddess of righteous anger, is the daughter of Zeus and Ananke. She distributes rewards and justice, and punishes any human transgressions of the natural order of the world. Both the Romans and Greeks identify her with Nemisis, goddess of vengeance.”

This book, dedicated to the goddess Adrastea, is a handsome visual collaboration between Jenni Lord and Joan Anderson. It features visual evocations– some formal, some improvised – using a combination of photography, paint, and textiles. Pages have titles like, “comma sylph harbor,” “augur concave or convex methods of sounds barrier divination,” and “line of dusk/horizon stare.”

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